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Party Like It’s 1996

We now have a generation of tech-savvy individuals that are used to incorporating technical solutions in business and in life. It would be hard to miss the promotion of smart technology whether that is our phone, TV, or for my industry the coming Robo-advisor. Mass messages and posts and even automated messaging through social-media have started to replace personal interaction. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against progress; but personal connections require being personal!

When it comes down to one on one interactions, the times we reach out to a specific person and connect with them face to face are the most meaningful. How can you still make personal impacts in our age of technology? Here are a few tips:

  • Send hand written cards or make a call: Writing cards and making phone calls may seem outdated when we have e-mail, texting and social media, but that just makes old school contact standout more and strengthens your bond. Whether the relationship is personal or business in nature it doesn’t matter. People appreciate when we go out of our way (even though it’s just incrementally more effort) to personally reach out to them. Hearing a voice or seeing hand writing creates a personal touch we connect with. Also because it takes a little more effort, it is more likely that we will take the time to communicate a real message. Ever notice how many social media posts are posted to entertain the sender rather than connect with their reader?
  • Assist others: Genuinely get people—their concerns and their goals. I’m a financial advisor but I help friends and clients with purchases like new cars, lending support through deaths or divorce, and even just providing research and ideas to make their lives more rewarding through local volunteerism. A little interest and help goes a long way in improving your relationships. Helping others when there is no direct benefit shows genuine care and that stands out as our society gets more narcissistic.
  • Spend time together: Interact with others. Parties, Movies, Dinners, etc. are fun, but think about nontraditional settings. Consider volunteering as groups to help others. It will likely open you up to new venues, emotional reward and lasting memories.
  • Stay real: Take time to talk about subjects that are not superficial like the weather, sports or even your work. Work is a big part of our lives, but discussing it probably won’t create a stronger bond. The passion behind what we do or our life goals will have much more of an impact than our job description. Pass on some of the personal wisdom you have gained. Your goals, values, and experience are more interesting than random posts.

When it comes to speed, smart technology is great; but let’s make sure we are truly connecting and impacting lives. My party with technology in the photo turned out to be a lonely experience, because it is hard to connect to a tablet, pc, or phone even if they have all the social apps. Just to be totally genuine and transparent there was only one benefit to hosting this party—more cake for me. 😉

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